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I am a passionate traveller, photographer and illustrator. Seeing the world motivates me to create new and beautiful art in many forms. I have always enjoyed the creative process. Whether that is taking photos, designing, painting, creating digital art or writing books.


This series of images was inspired by the many fascinating architectural styles I have seen in recent years travelling. I like to see the edifice as a set of components i can mix and match in a graphical style.

Lachlan Pottenger

Independent photographer, designer and artist


Printed on Illford metallic 170gsm film and face mounted onto high gloss acrylic. 

The graphic nature and high detail of these prints is enhanced to a contemporary sharpness by the Acrylic face mounting, or "float frame". Acrylic mounted prints are a sleek and modern look designed to effectively float against the wall and look stunning and unique.

Illford™ metallic 170gsm film.

6mm plexiglass™ acrylic  prints  ( 30yr guarantee )

3mm Diabond™ composite backing

Contact me for unmounted prints.



Prints com in sizes of:

30 cm x 30 cm

40 cm x 40 cm

50 cm x 50 cm

100 cm x 100 cm

Please contact me for pricing

Delivery costs dependent on location, number and size of items.

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